The Suburbs of the Future...

18x20" Acrylic on canvas, £200 Unframed.



I rarely find time to post anything here these days so have left my blog to go relatively derelict. As an apology here is an illustration I did about 3 years ago of some characters that I watched whilst sitting on Totnes high-street. I've probably shared this in the past, I can't remember, so as a second apology there is a picture of a tree. If the fact that you've already seen that on my instagram feed causes you to become peeved then you can frick off you ungrateful sod.



Just finished 10 Shed portraits for upcoming exhibition at the Hybrid Gallery in March. You can see more on my website.



There are new paintings on my website, such as this one of a campsite on a hill.


Studio update.

Nothing much to report...



I've got enamel mugs for sale. Ideal for some mulled cider this christmas or a cup'o'joe by the campfire when spring swings around. Get 'em whist they're hot. Available here.
Back design:


Old stuff.

Just rummaging through paintings from my archive, here is a small selection from the last 10 years. It's inspirationally useful looking through this old stuff and remember how old ideas evolved or fizzled out. Also interesting to read the pretentious teenage space-based-philosophies that feature in some of the pictures (probably because I secretly still feel the same)...
Sailor number 5:
Part of a Sailor tryptic:
Alien having lunch:
The ghost of a stag:
Plant pot:
Philosophy notes and sustainable worlds:
 Tired Crow on driftwood:
 Wild Dog:
 Woodland Folk:
Folk art inspired cupboard doors made from old shelves and bits of plaster filigree off an old wardrobe:
Labyrinth Firey. I sold this to a friend for £15, Now I want it back but he won't sell it.
Tryptic showing a one-eyed Deer in a garden, the view from the deers eye and the view from the window: