Me and the missus recently became the proud owners of a home. It has a small yard out the back which wasn't too bad when we moved in, then we did some smashing and turned it into a filthy scrap yard. I've finally found the time to start working on it so in true Ground Force style here is a 'before'. The 'after' will follow in the coming months...



There's an amazing number of handpainted signs in Cornwall. I think there should be a law saying all signage must be hand painted. 
Here's my favourite:
 What is this thing:
 Also, I painted a fence post from the airport at Lands End:


Studio Update

A few recent things...



A recent commission...


Studio update.

After pretty much 12 months out of the studio I'm back on the paints. Ive got a proper room in a real house to work in now, It lacks the rustic charm of the old shed but there's plenty of time for all that in the future. 
Lots of ideas stored in the old noggin, just getting a few commissions finished before I start on some fresh ideas...


The Dog at The Dairy.

Today after reading about the plight of the small-scale dairy farmer I witnessed a dog and was hit by inspiration so sat down with a cuppa and wrote a poem about a dog that owns a small dairy...
Would you like a cup of tea?
A small brown dog did say to me,
Yes I would, have you milk?
Gushing forth as smooth as silk?

Come with me, to my dairy,
My herd of cows, belted and hairy,
The dog whipped out a stool and bucket,
And with her mouth on udder sucked it.

She spat the milk into the vessell,
So I fetched from stove an old red kettle,
Tea bags came from a small tin pot,
Into cups went the water nice and hot.

Ambrosia squeezed from the cows papoose,
Turned hot brown water into heavenly juice,
Nothing like a cup of tea,
That small brown dog did say to me.