Studio update

I haven't updated my blog for a while because I've been using Instagram to post studio updates as it's so quick and easy. You can find me on Instagram here. Follow me on your futuristic telephone if you have one. But don't panic Anti-Instagrammers! I will still be updating this blog.  
Here are a few sketches of print ideas I've been playing with...
And my seagull in it's new R.Mason box.


Jane Aston said...

It's great you are interested in the New Age Traveller's. I went to Dartington in 85 and remained in Totnes for a few years. I lived at Windmill Down in a caravan. I loved that area and at the time it was full of New Age Traveller's. It was an interesting time. My sister now lives in Castlemorton and I remember that sort of being the tail end of events for New Age Traveller's the big rave at Castlemorton. They had their own field at Glastonbury and a great venue The Dog and Vomit. Maggie hated the Traveller's and they slowly self destructed, the whole scene became a bit heavy drugs, heroin and Special Brew. I still have my old Morris Traveller and love old buses etc.

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